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Film Locations Los Angeles

This month we'll talk about Los Angeles Film Locations. Who rents them, what benefits they have, how to find them, and how much you can expect to pay for rentals.

Film Locations Los Angeles

Who rents film locations in Los Angeles

Typically landlords and management companies rent locations for filming. There are Film Location agencies who will work with owners of properties or a property management company to list the property for rent and be the middleman or broker essentially for the property. They will also provide some on-site services to the production company the day(s) of production such as making sure all doors are open and workers have access to all parts of the property and possibly the use of some utilities if they are a part of the deal. The property can be a simple as a small home to a large commercial property such as tall sky-scraper. It all depends on the what the shoot calls for.

Producers and production companies are the renters of these locations. They will either find a scout or scout out these locations themselves before choosing a final filming location. In most cases, it's far more cost-effective renting a location that building an entire set. Some locations are specifically built to serve as a stage so they provide all the benefits of shooting in a studio without the overhead of building the set.

What benefits does a film location in Los Angeles provide

A film location has many pros as well as some cons. One of the benefits is cost. It is much cheaper to rent than to build. Depending on the budget, renting a location may be the only option.

Another benefit is time. Often times, productions are behind schedule or need to be rushed so using a film location saves the time of having to design and then build a set.

Where can you find film locations in Los Angeles

Most film location agencies have websites you can search though. They're even categorized and searchable to make finding the location that your project requires easier to find. One can also hire the help of a location scout who is already familiar with the film locations available in the city of Los Angeles and can quickly provide a list of suitable film locations for the project.

Most locations even have their own websites, often with a photo and video gallery of the entire property and list of services that are included in the location rental. A simple search online can provide links to many of these websites for your research.

Why choose a location in Los Angeles to film

Los Angeles is the home of "Hollywood". It's where it all started. Production companies have all kinds of resources in the Los Angeles area from camera equipment rentals to prop rentals and all the pre and post production companies they can ask for. Los Angeles is also rich with Historic building and famous landmarks that make it very attractive to film producers. Not to mention the film friendly laws and permit process to go along with it. Lot's of major metropolitan areas however are now competing with Hollywood now that they've seen the growth potential and benefits of allowing productions to come film in their city.

How much can you expect to pay for a Film Location in Los Angeles

There are several factors which go into rate but homes typically range from $2,000 to $3,000 per day all the way up to $25,000 per day. Commercial properties can go even higher depending on the size, if a business currently operates there, and many other factors. If a business needs to shut down for a day or a few days in order for the production company to film there, not only must they be paid for the location but also for the loss of revenue. In most cases, though if the costs are going to be astronomical, the production company will chose to build a set and film on set.

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