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Using a Warehouse for Filming

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Warehouses make for great film locations. Sets can be built to create different rooms, lighting can be used to create day time or night time, and the environment can be controlled in almost every aspect needed to get the required shot. The lighting designers, set decorators, and cinematographers are expert illusionists when it comes to capturing the director’s vision on any given project. Given an environment in which they can control the necessary elements, they can turn a cold concrete warehouse, into a lush green garden, or a kitchen to film a cooking show. The possibilities are endless, which is why warehouse film locations are in such popular demand.

Los Angeles is a very busy and noisy city which makes warehouse filming locations in LA highly sought out by location managers who have the fun and exciting task of finding such locations for filming and photo-shoots. Plus, with all the filming that takes place in the Los Angeles Film Zone, location scouts are constantly looking for new and unique spaces to film in.

Meet Tuxedo LA. Tuxedo LA is a 12,000 square feet, architectural studio filming location designed to meet the growing need for dynamic, visual, and flexible filming space the Hollywood studios are demanding. Tuxedo is a space where distinct visions come to life because of its open floor-plan, insulated walls, stunning architecture, and numerous architectural elements to give it its unique design and feel.

The brother and sister duo who created Tuxedo LA, Hanif and Salima Surani, have quite the experience when it comes to filming locations as the owners of All Pictures Media, one of LA's premiere film location rental agencies. The siblings noticed the need for more dynamic spaces which can accommodate various styles of film locations all in one place which led them to create Tuxedo LA. However, Tuxedo wasn't their first personal film location concept. The two also created Popsicle LA which has been used in numerous music videos and commercials and features an LED lit ceiling which can be customized to meet the needs of any project.

So the next time you're watching your favorite TV show, music video, or commercial, see if you can tell if it was really shot on location or in a virtual location such as a commercial warehouse filming location.

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