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5 Types of Warehouse Film Locations

Warehouse film locations come in a surprising range of variety, each with their own perks and features. Choosing the right one is important to creating the right look and feel for your shoot. Here are just a few to consider, but if you want a dynamic space that can be configured to fit almost any virtual location, consider Tuxedo LA. Give us a call at 323-940-8464 to take a look at the space.

1. Abandoned Warehouse

This is probably the most common type of warehouse film location. Think of the dank, dark warehouse where a crime lord might meet a superhero for a hostage exchange, or where a mad scientist is cooking up the next monster.

The abandoned warehouse look can be easily configured and lit to create a nighttime scene or a daytime scene. Warehouses have such a versatile simply by virtue of them being massive, empty spaces that can be shaped to fit your space.

2. Architecturally Interesting Warehouse

Looking for something a bit more interesting? Why not consider a warehouse that has some interesting architectural feature. Whether that is turn of the century wrought iron work, or interesting wall art, or even the remains of industrial machinery that gives the space a unique character and look.

Architecturally interesting warehouses are a fantastic choice if you want a space to feature in something like a music video.

3. Active Warehouses

Active warehouses are great for those shoots that require a more lived-in look. Active warehouses are either ones that still serve to house goods, or ones that can easily be converted to give that look.

Active warehouses can give you a unique space that can match your next project.

4. Brick Warehouses

Brick warehouses can give a retro look that harkens back to the early industrial age, and creates a warmer space. One downside is that these kinds of warehouses often have to be retrofitted with soundproofing, so you may have to deal with extra sound and noise. Brick warehouses are popular for their warm look and retro look.

5. Lofts

Lofts offer a unique, smaller space that can be easily configured to match whatever shoot you are doing at the time. Whether that is a talk show or a music video, a loft can be a great way to create a compact, efficient set that has all the benefits of being able to control the light levels and sound levels that come with a warehouse

These are just a smattering of warehouse film locations in Los Angeles. Come take a look at Tuxedo LA, a truly versatile space that can give you a thousand locations all under one roof. Call us at 323-940-8464 to take a look at the space.

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