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Warehouse Film Locations in Los Angeles

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Tuxedo LA - Arts District - DTLA Adjacent - (323) 940-8464

Los Angeles has hundreds of warehouse film locations throughout the city. Some specialize in a certain look and feel, while others offer a great range of customization that can fit the needs of your project. Getting the right location can make or break even the greatest script. Why not consider a space that allows you to create any location in your film without any hassle of having to find the perfect location?

What makes a warehouse a great film location?

Warehouses offer a unique flexibility as a film location, capable of being lit to create day time, night time or any time in between. The environment can be controlled so that almost any aspect need to get the shot can be controlled for. Warehouse locations offer the ability to create a variety of sets from a lush, green, garden to a kitchen to film a cooking show, to a luxurious New York apartment.

There are a variety of warehouse film locations in Los Angeles. Film location agencies, like All Pictures Media, can offer hundreds of potential spaces, running from giant empty concrete boxes, to beautiful wonders of industrial architecture. These film locations agencies do their best in scouting out the locations in their portfolios and matching your project with the right space, however, why not go for a space that gives you the potential to have every film location your script calls for without the hassle of having to scout and light multiple locations?

Warehouses can create virtual locations, as they can easily accommodate green screens and allow for massive scenes to be shot without the inconvenience of having to find a perfect location.

That being said, what really is the difference between each of these different warehouse film locations? Why should you consider one over the other, especially if your project calls for a virtual location and the native architecture does not matter much?

What makes Tuxedo LA different from other warehouse?

Tuxedo LA offers a 12,000 square feet architectural studio filming location that has been designed to meet the growing need for dynamic, visual, and flexible filming space that Hollywood studios demand. The open floor-plan, insulated walls, stunning architecture and numerous architectural elements gives the space its on unique look and feel.

Tuxedo LA offers a space to film away from the busy and noisy city, in a new and unique space that excites location scouts and directors alike.

Tuxedo LA came out of a desire to create a dynamic space that can accommodate various styles of film locations all in one place. Just to give you a sense of how many looks, sets, and visual styles Tuxedo LA can embody, it has been featured in music videos, commercials, car shoots, fashion shoots, basement/cave, and has been used as a club, labs, gym, high-end garage, gallery, showroom, control center, offices, underground HQ, warehouse, feature Films, and lofts. Just imagine what possibilities await for you in a warehouse film location as wonderfully dynamic as Tuxedo LA.

Interested? Give us a call at 323-940-8464 to arrange a look at the space.

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